In search of Eldorado - one more mile

Perhaps there is another reality that suits me. I am trying to discover it in the void. Searching for fragments of memories and dreams. A form of longing and regret for that which has passed, but also a desire for a new era. In the borderland, there are short moments of awareness. I am trying to force my thoughts to express themselves, but remain tormented and I want to run away. In the escape, there is one thing I am always seeking, life.

I observe the lives of others to discover my own entirety. The feeling of being invited but not welcomed. I see the camera as a tool. It helps me create the images that I keep in my mind’s eye.

I am sitting on the shore for hours. I leave to sleep, but will always return to the same places. My work brings me alive. Small notes and sketches of a feeling that allows me to travel far away, in my imagination. I try to sort out my emotional relationship to the time that has passed.