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Could meet you halfway
 IN SEARCH OF ELDORADO   How can she survive all this evil? We, the barbarians have destroyed her.  Like, Mother Courage we have become monsters and prostitutes. The Baltic Sea is soon to die, and all the species with her.                                   Poison in her lungs. Even those we believe in make us sad.  Knocking on the eve of destruction. Chemical pollution, today we enjoy, tomorrow it´s gone.                                                        Russian pipelines and oil spills – Vetjnaja pamjat'    Swedish assholes – lazy hypocrites, still don´t understand    Baltic countries refuse-heaps – Inta Ruka for president    Finnish drunk captains capsizing- too many junkies    Polish fabrics dump – Wis  ł  awa Szymborska for president    Eighteen Danish/Luebeck warships filled with lead marinating the sea        Phosphorus and nitrogen entering with chaos and we are dancing on the beach.    Tiny tears and happiness. Night, sleep, death and the stars.  Just in search of Eldorado.